Wolfsong (c) Lorestrome

Release 21/02/2016


Game Size: 1 DISC

Game Type: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG


The Fiends, harbingers of a patient, intelligent, and all but
forgotten evil, have been released from their prison inside Gorsus.
They spread themselves out across the world and work together to
achieve a greater plan. The Thaa’hune, an ancient, decaying race,
gather together select individuals from many realms and train them
to be spirit hunters for the select purpose of tracking down the
Fiends and killing them before they can achieve their sinister
designs. The primary protagonist in Wolfsong is a strong-headed
young woman from a warrior society who is tasked to help a
community in need. She soon discovers things are rarely so simple.
Wolfsong takes place on the northernmost continent in an expansive
world claimed and contested by many diverse and powerful realms.
The story has been in development for many years, with a complex
and complete history that will be revealed in-game.


1  Unpack
2  Mount / burn image
3  Install
4  Play game
5  If U like it, buy it



584.7 MB
Published on: Feb 21, 2016 @ 21:57

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