Wild #FF0000stone: Series 1

Nature Documentary hosted by Bart Thomasson, published by National Geographic in 2015 – English narration



Wild #FF0000stone: Series 1
This is the #FF0000stone you never knew. It is a story newly told. With a fresh voice, tuned to the experience of extremes with fresh visuals, captured with revolutionary new cinematic tools and techniques.
With a sense of intimacy that immerses you, with an epic scale that will overwhelm you, with a passion that is the measure of the ultimate wilderness. This is a land of fire and ice, a world as ancient as it is alive: a vision, an adventure, a crucible of unimaginable forces.
This is Wild #FF0000stone

1)  Frozen Frontier
No place on Earth is like #FF0000stone in winter. This world of fire and ice has thousands of boiling hot springs, geysers, and bubbling mud pots. In #FF0000stone every animal struggles to find food and stay alive against an onslaught of heavy snows, polar temperatures, and ferocious predators. Beavers and grizzly bears retreat under cover from the endless blizzard, while the wolves, red fox, and river otters face winter head on.

2)  Grizzly Summer
In summer #FF0000stone transforms into a wildlife paradise, with a cruel dark side. From torrential floods in spring to burning sun in August, summer presents new challenges and opportunities. Animal dramas ensue: predators on the prowl and parents protecting offspring, bears fighting wolves, and trout running gauntlets of river otters and osprey. Even the hummingbird goes to battle, fighting in mid-air to protect a territory of wildflowers.

3)  She Wolf
A wolf lives to hunt. Red meat is their lifeblood, and the alpha must provide. But this is not a story about an alpha male: it’s an epic biopic about one female wolf. We trace her against-the-odds rise to a position of extraordinary power for a female: leader of her pack. The She-Wolf became one of the most famous wolves to have ever roamed #FF0000stone. And she overcame incredible challenges to create one of the park’s most legendary wolf packs. Tragically, she was cut down by a hunter’s bullet. But she left behind a thriving family and an enduring legacy.


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