Valhalla Hills: Two-Horned Helmet Edition (c) Daedalic Entertainment.

Game Type…: Strategy
Released….: May 29 2016       Protection.: Money

Valhalla Hills :

You\’re spending your whole life to please your gods. You\’re fighting and
dying an honorable death. And now this! The poor Vikings are standing in
front  of  Asgard\’s gates, waiting to enter Valhalla. But the ungrateful
Gods won\’t give them what they deserve, closing the gates right in front
of them.

Although,  a  true  Viking  never  gives up. If it’s impossible to enter
Valhalla the traditional way, then why not just walk in there?

Valhalla Hills    Sands of the Damned :

In  the  first  DLC  of  the Viking adventure Valhala Hills, our valiant
heroes brave the harshness of desert survival.
Face  the  challenge, leave no oasis unexplored and fight for your place
in Valhalla.

Valhalla Hills – Fire Mountains :

With the Fire Mountains expansion comes a  new  mountain  terrain  type:
volcanic  mountains on lava.

Features :

From   the  developers  of  classics  like    The Settlers 2    and  the
Cultures  -Series.
Be prepared for randomly generated levels with various challenges.
Look after your Vikings needs.
Improve  constantly,  use your knowledge and achievements for the next
Earn your place in Valhalla, for your Vikings and yourself.



Valhalla Hills Two Horned Helmet Edition x86-VACE
365.3 MB
Published on: May 29, 2016 @ 19:16

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