La désenchantée
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Released 1990
Genre , Drama, Romance
Actors Judith Godrèche, Marcel Bozonnet, Ivan Desny
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* SIZE …… 2.6 GiB
* DURATION .. 1h 18mn
* VIDEO ….. x264 1280×688 4,462Kbps @ 23.976fps
* AUDIO ….. French FLAC 356Kbps 2ch
* SUBS …… English

* GENRE ….. Drama | Romance
* PLOT …… Seventeen-year-old Beth is just finishing school, and
lives in Paris with her bedridden mother and younger
brother. She is annoyed because her boyfriend
suggested she try sleeping with other men – the
uglier the better. Sugardad, a doctor who visits her
mother, and supports them with occasional cheques
now has his eyes on Beth. Alphonse, an older man
intervenes when Beth’s boyfriend is fighting with her
on the banks of the Seine. When she visits Alphonse
later, they end up discussing poetry

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