Superfoods: The Real Story-Series 2

Science Documentary hosted by Kate Quilton, published by Channel 4 in 2016 – English narration


Superfoods: The Real Story-Series 2
Kate Quilton returns with the programme that investigates the purported health benefits of superfoods, meeting leading scientists, nutritionists and dieticians to learn which are worth the money.

1)  Tomato
In the first edition, she visits the Italian city of Naples to explore the potential cancer-busting properties of the humble tomato, before travelling to Japan to find out if the secret of youth is contained in fermented soya beans, and also examines if a glass of red wine can really help boost brain power.

2)  Matcha Tea
Kate travels to Japan to sample matcha, a tea said to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. She also discovers whether coconut water is really super-hydrating and finds out if Moroccan argan could challenge olive oil’s superfood crown.

3)  Saffron
Kate Quilton travels to Morocco to see if saffron can help manage depression, and heads to Naples to find out if coffee is able to perk up the liver. She also takes part in the London marathon to discover if an Ethiopian grain called teff can aid her performance.

4)  Seaweed
In this episode Kate travels to Japan to check out whether seaweed can make people slimmer, investigates blue cheese’s potential link to stomach health, and watches the launch of a brand new superfood – but will anyone buy into Icelandic chork?

5)  Cherries
Kate tests the muscle-healing properties of cherries with players from amateur American football team NY Predators. She also investigates whether dark chocolate is beneficial for the heart and checks out if spinach really can boost biceps in the manner of Popeye.

6)  Tiger Nuts
Kate goes fishing in Oregon to find out if wild or farmed salmon is the best, then heads to Spain to investigate the health benefits of tiger nuts. She also investigates the humble dandelion, a weed packed full of vitamins that has a long history in traditional medicine.

7)  Pomegranates
Kate heads to Los Angeles – the spiritual home of superfoods – to find out if pomegranates can fix a bad memory. She also learns of a surprising use for shiitake mushrooms and travels to Thailand to try edible insects.

8) Avocados
Kate Quilton visits Los Angeles to find out if avocados can turn burgers into a healthy option, heads to Sweden to see if a spoonful of cinnamon could help in the fight against Type 2 diabetes and travels to Thailand to learn if hot chillies could be a cure for heartburn.

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