Killer Hornets

Nature Documentary hosted by Ted Stewart, published by Smithsonian Channel in 2016 – English narration


Killer Hornets
Deep in the forests of Japan, a territorial war is playing out, featuring killer hornet armies, #FF0000 jacket battalions, and honeybee squadrons. All are fighting for the resources of their kingdoms, all are on constant alert, and all are prepared to battle to the death. Witness the conflicts and the carnage up-close as we follow these winged warriors into enemy territory, armed with potent venom, large numbers, and a simple battle plan: win or die. To us, it’s a story of clans at war, but to these insects, it’s a race for survival.

we posted it’s scene release [DHD] , few hours ago

Links: Screenshot


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Published on: Aug 04, 2016 @ 20:47

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