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Released 2015
Genre , Documentary
Actors Katherine Albrecht, Chuck Baldwin, Catherine Bleish
Plot This new and exciting documentary will build on the successes of ‘State of Mind: The Psychology of Control’ – Free Mind Films’ follow up to the multiple award winning documentary exposé ‘A …
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Genre: Documentary
Year: 2015
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Free Mind Films is dedicated to truth in information and will never be influenced by corporate sponsorship or special interests.  Free Mind Films endeavors to be the premier trusted producer of all forms of Media and Entertainment, while continually striving to maintain visionary quality in all areas.  Free Mind Films will infuse much needed integrity into the world of mass-media, thereby bringing to the greater social community, enhanced awareness of the world and the massive social-economic problems all humans face today.



Free Mind Films has decided to work with international best-selling author James Perloff ( to tell the virtually unknown story of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) and how that organization is the key to understanding how our world has become what we see today.
Mr. Perloff literally wrote the book on the CFRs existence more than 20 years ago and now he’s back with a new book titled “Truth is a Lonely Warrior” which he used as the research platform to write the script for ‘ShadowRing’. ShadowRing will entertainingly unfold the events that led to the creation of the CFR, the important players who were instrumental in the council’s success within American politics, and how the CFR wields unimaginable influence over the geo-political agenda of the United States and consequently the events that have shaped our world for the last 100 years.

Expert witnesses and testimony will be woven together with a historical visual landscape designed to present the inherent complexity of this subject in a way that is palatable for someone who has no prior knowledge of the CFR or what power it has over our lives. Source documents will give credibility to these incredible and life shattering revelations. By providing the audience with the facts and avoiding opinions or conjecture, ShadowRing will break down the dis-information and unlock the secrets of the CFR providing fertile ground to encourage a new public debate on the ethical and moral implications of allowing such a small group of individuals to command such power and influence over our lives.

Narrated by Kevin Sorbo

ShadowRing’s narrator is award winning Hollywood, actor, writer, director and producer – Kevin Sorbo. In 1993 he emerged as a full-fledged international TV star when he was cast as the lead role of Hercules in a series of 5 made for TV films that would lay the groundwork for the immensely popular running series, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. (1993 – 1999) becoming the most watched show in the world.

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