Warrior Kings Battles @ Empire Interactive

Date : March 18, 2003 Protection : Safedisc
Size : CD Game Type : Strategy

Requirements : 733Mhz, 800MB HD and 128MB ram

[ Release Notes ]
Can you take control of the provinces, peasants & generals to bring
order in this world of chaos?
Warrior Kings: Battles is the one strategy game to rule them all. An
amazing and living medieval fantasy world awaits. To conquer it will
take all the cunning, resourcefulness and tactics you can muster.
Can You craft war and tower above the competition like Warrior Kings:
Unparalleled real-time strategy gaming. Radical 3D technology brings
terrain, provinces and cultures alive like no other RTS!
Go your own way: choose the paths of the Imperial church, the Pagan
gods or that of Renaissance technology – develop different
civilizations, units & abilities.
Use real military tactics with a supreme range of combat tools –
select from cavalry, rocket launchers, catapults, spies, war
elephants, arch druids, elementals, golems, summoned beings and many
more! Strategically use terrain, arms and formations to beat all
Advanced A.I. opponents probe your defences for weaknesses and seek
alliances just like human players unlike any other strategy game!
Play a mix of human opponents and AI Generals, each with their own
strategies and personalities
Join fast-paced Valhalla Battles games. Choose your ideal army with
re-spawning units, and join in AI or Online battles without needing
to build resources
22 mission campaign game offering over 40 hours of single player
Peerless and comprehensive ways to play includes Skirmish, Internet,
Capture The Flag, Siege, Protect Your King and many others…
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