Release-Date.: 06/16
Protection...: Steam
Disc.Count...: 1 DVD
Game.Type....: Action
Language.....: EN

Retool is a 3D hacking puzzle game set on incomplete
orbital defense stations that circle around Sinai, home
planet of the alien species known as Onix.

After 43 years of war, the Onix triumphed and defeated
the humans. The victory came at a cost of destruction to
their planet and orbital stations. Instead of repairing
it themselves, the Onix used their captured prisoners as
slave labor to rebuild their destroyed properties,
starting with the stations.

You are Maria, an engineer that was captured in the
final weeks of the war. Having hacked your way out of
your prison cell on a station, you must escape and
return home.



1.13 GB
Published on: Jun 05, 2016 @ 23:34

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