Railroad Alaska: Season 3

Travel Documentary hosted by Demetri Gorritsas, published by Discovery Channel in 2015 – English narration



Railroad Alaska: Series 3
A series chronicling the lives of both the off-grid settlers who live along the Alaskan Railroad, and the Alaska Railroad Corporation’s workers, and the challenges they face, whether its simply struggling to survive in the beautiful yet unforgiving environment, or fighting to keep the trains running.

1)  Under Siege
In the Season 3 premiere, a rogue gunman threatens to derail the shipment of valuable military hardware. Off grid, Nancy and Jim face challenges during an ambitious cabin build.

2)  Eye of the Storm
In the woods, Jim and Nancy James challenge a wannabe off-grid couple; and Jennifer Hawks tries to find a missing settler. Elsewhere, the delivery of a heavy load proves to be a struggle.

3)  Night from Hell
After an accident, veteran off-gridder Jim James attempts to reach the hospital by train. But obstacles may put him in jeopardy. Elsewhere, the freight crew struggle to open up a port in lockdown.

4)  The Dead Zone
A communications shutdown leaves a train hauling the biggest load ever moved on the Alaska Railroad hurtling towards a \”dead zone\”; and off-grid homesteaders tackle the challenge of living off the land in very different ways.

5)  Mountain Hell
The freight train battles north to make a crucial delivery, heading to the highest point on the Alaska Railroad; and off-the-grid, things get steamy as old-timers JT and Marvin build a traditional bath.

6)  Ice Rescue
Tempers flare as an extremely heavy train leads to brake problems and a derailment leaves maintenance teams stranded. Off grid, homesteaders narrowly avert a fire but are left without heat.

7)  Trapped in Ice
A freight crew racing towards Anchorage encounter an icy challenge as they dodge intruders on the track. In the wilderness, homesteaders team up to search for an abandoned cabin washed down stream and trapped in ice.

8) Meltdown
The spring thaw puts the railroad into meltdown mode; and a freight train is stalled on the infamously high Hurricane Gulch.

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