No Limit

Action, Adventure, Crime | TV Series (2012– )
A terminally ill French secret service agent is hired by Hydra, a mysterious black ops organization set up by the government, to fight crime by any means necessary and receive experimental treatment in return. Also, his daughter hates him.

No Limit S01 – Hardcoded Eng Subs – Sno

Former soldier Vincent Liberati is persuaded to work for a secret government organisation called Hydra, tackling organised crime by any means necessary, in this tough French action thriller.

1/6. Vincent’s first assignment is to tackle a notorious drug dealer but he must act without raising the suspicions of his sister Juliette, who has just been made a junior police commissioner in the region.

2/6. Juliette comes dangerously close to cracking the case she is working on involving the same drug traffickers Vincent is after, and the villains are forced to kidnap her to prevent her from succeeding.

3/6. Vincent must infiltrate the arms trafficking world to discover the identity of a mysterious dealer who is proving elusive to the police. Juliette probes the death of a man killed in a shooting.

4/6. Juliette arrests a number of arms traffickers, including a member of Vincent’s undercover Hydra team, and puts his assignment in jeopardy as a result. Alex starts to doubt her marriage again.

5/6. Having infiltrated the Marseille docks, Vincent seeks to dismantle a human trafficking network that’s using the port’s containers. But he’s almost unmasked by a docker who is then accidentally killed.

6/6. As Juliette discovers that her brother is responsible for the death of the docker, Lola is kidnapped by people trafficking boss Olga Sverdenko and Vincent must go undercover again to save his daughter.

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No Limit S01 (2012) – Hardcoded Eng Subs – Sno
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