Title ……: Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Storm
Origin …..: Europe                   Released …: 2010.09.18
Console ….: PlayStation 3            Format …..: JB files
Filename …: agc-nunse                Filecount ..: 41 x 100 MB
Publisher ..: Bandai                   Genre ……: Fighting, Adventure
Source …..: BluRay                   Serial …..: BLES-00371

The No.1 Action Fighting game franchise based on Naruto arrives on
PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system for the first time to
reign supreme in the next-generation of videogaming. Armed with
gorgeous cinematic quality HD graphics, a revolutionary next-gen
battle system, multidimensional battlegrounds and seamlessly
explorable world of Naruto, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm will capture
the heart of any gamer like never before! Fight and explore in the
world of the Ninja!






Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm EUR PS3-AGENCY
3.79 GB
Published on: Dec 03, 2015 @ 22:00