Mysteries at the Castle: Series 3

History Documentary hosted by Ted Stewart, published by Travel Channel UK in 2016 – English narration


Mysteries at the Castle: Series 3
Behind the gates of the world’s most impressive castles, manor houses and mansions are secrets waiting to be revealed. Mysteries at the Castle reveals these amazing structures in all their glory and tells the remarkable, mysterious and bizarre tales tied to the rich and powerful who once resided there.

1)  Diamond Necklace Affair, the Topless Duel & Abseiling Escape
Mysteries from castles around the world are uncovered, including deception at France’s Versailles, a topless duel at Czech Republic’s Kynzvart Castle and a war hero’s death-defying bid for freedom at Germany’s Konigstein.

2)  Fall of the Knights Templar, Resurrecting Sherlock & Weeping Stones
Epic tales from castles around the world are unveiled, including the conspiracy in Paris that brought down the Knights Templar and a wizard’s curse upon the Fyvie Castle in Scotland.

3)  Good King Wenceslas, Prison Painter & Butler’s Secret
The dramatic origins of the Christmas carol are traced to a citadel in Prague; within an opulent Parisian palace, a doomed painter uses art for salvation; and a butler learns a dangerous secret at an idyllic English estate.

4)  The Brothers Grimm, Savior of Fort Jefferson, Missing Head of State
The origins of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales are found in a German palace; within a Floridian fort, an imprisoned doctor battles a deadly virus; an antiques dealer traces a mummified head to a king born at a French chateau

5)  Betrayal of William Wallace, Casanova’s Greatest Love, Astronomical Whodunnit –
Discover the secrets behind William Wallace’s demise, the ultimate heartbreak of legendary Casanova and a famed astronomer’s untimely end.

6)  Queen Victoria Assassination Attempt, Lucky Lindy, Affair of the Poison
Castles reveal stories of Queen Victoria’s dangerous stunt, Charles Lindbergh’s daring quest and a French prisoner’s poisonous plot.

7)  Prince’s Plight, Mad King Ludwig, Falling for Love
An exiled Prince seeks refuge at a Scottish stronghold, the dream of an eccentric ruler turns into a nightmare at a magical German palace and a Scottish castle is haunted by a woman who risked everything for love.

8)  Pink Diamond Heist, Bloody Baron, Samlesbury Witches
A valuable diamond is stolen from a remote French chateau, an enormous Italian fortress is home to a monstrous tyrant and an English manor reveals a harrowing case of witchcraft that isn’t quite what it seems.

9)  Deadliest Chess Game, Gustav III Assassination, Shot in the Heart
A vicious Earl plays chess with the devil at a Scottish fortress, a Swedish pavilion sits at the centre of a brazen royal assassination plot, and a tragic duel reveals true love at the Mont Helena mansion in Mississippi.

10)  Saviour of Flamenco, Murderous Mathelda, the Bickerstaff Hoax
An ageing singer gives the performance of a lifetime at a Spanish citadel, an ominous Italian castle conceals the murderous plot of a lonely countess, and a charming English estate is the scene of a scintillating literary hoax.

11)  Aussie Adam & Eve, Corpse Queen, Voyage of the Clermont
A pair of lovers imprisoned at an English fortress goes on to transform Australia, a Portuguese palace is the site of forbidden romance and murder, and a trailblazing invention gets its name from a stately American mansion.

12)  Witchfinder General, Isabella and Ferdinand, Poisoned Rice
The victims of a crazed witch hunt are imprisoned at an English castle, a sprawling palace is home to two royals who helped form modern-day Spain, and two schemers plot the murder of a millionaire living in a Texas mansion.

13)  Jack the Giant Killer, Last Emperor of Mexico, Saving Britain’s Art
A breathtaking English castle belies the fearsome tale of a terrible giant, an unwitting ruler falls victim to a heinous deception at an opulent Mexican palace, and a grand Welsh estate harbours a national wartime secret


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