A trek on the tough survivor of train travel. The route of the Ghan has been savaged by fire, termites, and floods. Legend has it that a resourceful driver had to shoot goats to feed his passengers when the train was stranded in the desert for two weeks after a flash flood washed away the tracks. The service was often stranded or delayed by the extreme conditions. Today, the journey is much more reliable and comfortable, with luxury sleeping cabins as well as drinking and dining cars, but the country is still a dramatic cross-section of deserts, mountains, and river beds. Our cameras follow the train as it crosses four enormous deserts on its way to the lush gorges and wetlands of the tropical north. We’ll meet the unique characters who love life working on the train, including a pair of engine drivers who act more like a comedy double act as they explain how the massive train takes two kilometres to come to a full stop. Their stories include playing chicken with a huge, horned water buffalo, who stares stubbornly at them from the rapidly approaching track! We’ll pull in to Alice Springs and hear the stories of people who choose to live in one of the most isolated towns in the world. Eccentric artists rub shoulders with camel trainers, indigenous Australians and ranchers, and The Ghan is their only rail link to the outside world. Archive footage will tell the tales of the tough men taking the camel trains into the unexplored Australian interior, as well the pioneering people of Alice Springs, and the risks taken by the first steam trains to cross the desert. The Ghan covers the most starkly beautiful places in Australia and is a unique chance to see the spectacular colours, bizarre wildlife, and incredible variety of the Australian desert.


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Making Tracks – Ep 02 – The Sunlander KCRT
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Published on: Apr 02, 2016 @ 09:19

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