The only train in the world to cross an entire continent from coast to coast, The Indian Pacific travels over four thousand kilometres, connecting Sydney in the bustling east to Perth in the remote west. The train is named after the two oceans it joins, but spends most of its journey sweeping across vast plains and rugged desert. As the great engine pulls out of Sydney Central Station, passengers cannot imagine the contrast about to open up before their eyes. After a climb over the primeval Blue Mountains, the train accelerates across the massive pastures of inland New South Wales. Further down the track, the iconic gold and silver mines of Broken Hill and Kalgoorlie reveal tales of Australia’s wild west. The largest stretch of the journey is across the seemingly empty yet beautiful Nullarbor Plain – over a thousand kilometres of surreal scenery and enormous skies. Our cameras will catch the train shooting towards a shimmering horizon or glowing in the red light of a desert sunset. We’ll meet the only two people left in the ghost town of Cook, the last fuel stop for 868 kilometres. Jan and Iva supply the essential fuel and water to make the train journey across this empty land possible. Our archive will show extraordinary tales from the middle of nowhere, including Ziggy who built his isolated home from old railway sleepers, using just a wheelbarrow to carry them. There’s 12-year-old Henry, who paid for his school excursions by selling cups of cordial to the passing passengers. And a true pioneer of the early 20th century, Daisy Bates, who set up schools and health care for the Aboriginal children of the Nullarbor. Passengers and staff who take this unique train home for three nights will also tell their unusual stories; how they live and work in over seven hundred meters of fast-moving restaurants, cabins, and workshops as they zoom across a continent. The Indian Pacific gives a unique taste of the beauty, variety, and truly immense scale of Australia.


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Making Tracks – Ep 01 – The Indian Pacific mp4
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Published on: Mar 24, 2016 @ 20:00

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