Made by Destruction: Series 1

Technology Documentary hosted by Aris Anthanasopoulos, published by Discovery Channel in 2016 – English narration


Made by Destruction: Series 1
Take a journey with Science Channel as they go behind-the-scenes to show the incredible technologies and engineering used to turn old items and junk into all-new treasures Made by Destruction is the ultimate makeover show where everyday objects are rescued from the trash and recreated into something entirely new. From discarded skateboards, abandoned cars, and old office equipment that are salvaged and shredded, melted, and chopped – then repurposed into things that are useful, beautiful, and valuable.
Each episode of \”Made By Destruction\” follows the transformation of three objects from around the world

1)  Brass Trumpets, Egg Cartons, and Park Benches
Photocopiers are mined for their copper and recomposed into brass trumpets. Potatoes are shredded down to their starch and reformed into recycled egg cartons. Milk jugs are melted into plastic lumber and constructed into weatherproof park benches.

2)  Prosthetic Hands, Countertops, and Corn
Recycling visionaries and chemistry wizards work hand in hand getting a second life out of fridges giving a second chance to people in need. Dead batteries are being brought back to life to energize the world in a whole new way.

3)  Chairs, Flowerpots, and Turntables
Inside a plastic bottle is an ultra-modern chair. Instead of rolling into oblivion, retired rubber tires roll into flowerpots. It’s the perfect way to listen to Heavy Metal – a piece of steel bridge is resurrected into a turntable.

4)  Coins, Speakers, and Race Cars
X-Ray film is mined and refined into gleaming pure silver coins. The last of the heart pine beams are being reclaimed from ruins and crafted into speaker cabinets. Carbon fiber bikes hit the road; recycled as Formula Lite race cars.

5)  Diamonds, Tiles, and Cookie Tins
A new way to be immortalized rises out of the ashes when a departed loved one is transformed into a shimmering diamond. Skateboards jump the landfill and hit the wall as a mash up of cool tiles.

6)  Trophies, Carryalls, and Guitars
Miles of unwanted wire are mined and refined into a lustrous bronze trophy. Decommissioned sails are collected, cut and crafted into distinctive tote bags. Joists and floorboards harvested for their old growth timber and repurposed into hand made guitars.

7)  Picture Frames, Rings, and Boats
Foam coolers are melted into workable plastic and moulded into decorative frames. Cell phones are mined for their precious metals and minted into engagement rings. Wind turbine blades are broken down to fiberglass flakes and repurposed into sleek power boats

8)  Copper Pots, Dresses, and Roads
Old TV sets are mined and spun off into high-end copper pots. Sour milk processed into protein powder, woven into yarn then styled into dairy based cocktail dresses. Plastic bags are melted into asphalt additive then paved into energy efficient highways.

9)  Knives, Surfboard Bags, and Penguin Fences
Tired out mattresses transform into cutting-edge chef’s knives. Once Billboards come down they’re resurrected into cool surfboard bags. Chip bags are processed into plastic lumber then constructed into penguin pens.

10)  Manhole Covers, Foosball Tables, and Snow Globes
Wobbly-wheeled shopping carts morph into manhole covers. Used toilet paper rolls turn into Foosball tables. Grounded airline trays transform into Snow Globes.

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