Life Support was an Australian cult comedy series that aired on SBS between 2001 and 2003, and parodied lifestyle shows such as Better Homes And Gardens while simultaneously using associated tropes to satirise the hell out of Australian society. A lot of its humour came from the hosts suggesting dangerous, dubious or often wildly illegal advice with completely straight faces.

The four main characters were:

Sigourney, played by Rachael Coopes: an always-chipper blonde who taught modern women all about how to win men and use handicrafts to make the world a better place. Notably the only character to be played by the same actress for the entire run of the show.
Todd, played by Brendan Cowell and later Duncan Fellows: a brash, masculine (and slightly dim) Handy Man.
Penne, played by Abbie Cornish and later Alison Barnes: a streetwise juvenile delinquent who offered lessons in “how to scam The Man”.
Dr Rudi, played by Simon Van Der Stap and later Jack Finsterer (or so we’re made to believe…): a slick, suave and completely amoral South African gynaecologist with all sorts of tips about health and wealth.

Life Support contains examples of:

A Date with Rosie Palms: An early episode has Dr Rudi advising men on how to make, ahem, “clearing the backlog” more interesting. As Penne pointed out to a disapproving Sigourney, “there’s nothing like the satisfaction that comes from finishing a good do-it-yourself job”.
Later in the series he advocates public masturbation as a way to combat amateur musicians, amateur art critics and other… well… “wankers”.
Bavarian Fire Drill: Penne pulls this on a line of people queueing for concert tickets by wearing a fake Ticketek shirt and telling them the tour was cancelled.
Brick Joke: A segment at the beginning of Episode 5 shows Penne preparing to steal a TV whose box she spotted in the owners’ garbage. Later in the episode, she gives advice while on trial for that same theft.


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