Kult: Heretic Kingdoms (c) Games Farm
release date: January 2769
protection: Steam
# of discs: 1
languages: EN/FR/DE/IT/ES/RU/PT-BR/CN

In the world of the Heretic Kingdoms, a world where
God is dead and religion heresy, you are cast as a
young female inquisitor, working to stamp out the
last remnants of religion. On instructions to
destroy a relic which the Inquisition considers to
be a significant threat, you are drawn into a war
between two warring secret societies – a
conspiracy of mages whose goal is true power, and a
shadowy cult who seeks to resurrect the Dead God

1- Unpack, burn or mount
2- Install the game
3- Copy the cracked content from PROPHET dir
4- Go To Hell!
(I just copied-pasted PROPHET’s NFO file , sorry for this part , ARIO)

The game is updated to v1.5 and it works on new






Kult Heretic Kingdoms MULTi8-PROPHET
625.7 MB
Published on: Jan 04, 2016 @ 16:55

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