Jono and Ben at Ten is a weekly late night comedy show from the people that brought you The Jono Project, Pulp Sport and WANNA-BEn. The show comes to you each week from the very luxurious* TV3 basement and is hosted by Jono Pryor (The Jono Project/The Rock FM) and Ben Boyce (Pulp Sport/WANNA-BEn).
In 2011, after Jono forced Ben to shave his trademark dreadlocks to help raise money for Telethon for Christchurch in 2012, Ben forced Jono to become his TV co-host. They chose the name Jono and Ben at Ten because it rhymed and were even more stoked when they were offered the Ten oclock Friday night time slot.
Jono and Ben at Ten is packed with fast paced sketches that pokes fun at everyone and everything, including themselves. Its about whats big in New Zealand right now. the news, movies, TV, music, ads, internet, sports and Kim Dotcoms waistline.
This unlikely civil union will see Jono and Ben marry a unique blend of parodies, pranks, interviews on the street games and mindless studio banter.
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Jono And Ben S01E25
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Published on: Nov 21, 2015 @ 01:38

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