After 20 years of marriage, Kerry Haywood found out her husband, Peter, wanted to become female. Two years later, Kerry is sharing the marital bed with a woman.

When Josh Hewitt was 17, his father Trevor became Karen.  Twenty years later, Josh is still grieving.

Sharon Swiatlo lost a daughter but gained a son when her child Nevo started taking male hormones at the age of 18.

For transgender people, changing from one gender to another involves enormous physical and psychological upheaval. But for their loved ones, that transition can be equally profound.

In this episode of Insight, we explore what it’s like to be the partner, child or parent of someone who comes out as transgender.

Is it a case of loving the same person, but in a different package? We examine whether relationships can survive such a monumental change.

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Insight 2016 EP05 Love TRANSformed
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Published on: Mar 13, 2016 @ 09:18

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