Impossible Creatures Remastered Edition (c) Nordic Games

Release On: 3 december 2015 Disk Amount/Format: 1 DVD ISO
Type of Game: Adventure Media Protection: Nothing

Set in a fantastic 1930s world, “Impossible Creatures” is a 3-D, real-time
strategy game by Relic Entertainment the creators of Homeworld, Dawn of
War and Company of Heroes that pits the player against an evil villain in
a desperate campaign across a chain of remote and diverse islands. Using
Earth’s most formidable animals as building blocks, the player must
create an army of genetically-altered mutant monsters in a titanic
struggle to protect an unsuspecting world

Remastered Edition Features:

Fully remastered to work with modern systems

Insect Invasion, Mod SDK (C++) and all patches included

Re-implemented multiplayer and NAT traversal for a smooth online experience

Burn/mount, install, play!





Impossible Creatures Remastered Edition-TiNYiSO
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Published on: Dec 03, 2015 @ 22:10