Hunting Hitler: Series 1
An FBI cold case, kept secret for over 70 years sends an international team of world renowned investigators on the ultimate manhunt in search of justice and to finally answer the question: Did Adolf Hitler survive WWII?
In early 2014, the FBI declassified hundreds of pages of top secret documents proving that top officials in the U.S. Government not only believed that Hitler escaped Germany, but were also secretly spending millions of dollars trying to track him down. A memo from J. Edgar Hoover himself states: \”American Army officials in Germany have not located Hitler’s body nor is there any reliable source that will say definitely that Hitler is dead.\”
With these newly released FBI files as their guide, the team will approach this investigation in the hopes of solving the mystery surrounding the demise of one of the biggest criminals of all time. Whether they are investigating a mysterious Nazi lair deep in the Argentinian jungle or diving for evidence of a missing U-Boat that could of shuttled Hitler to South America, our team will focus on the tried and tested tactics for solving a fraudulent death case: follow the money, where was the subject last seen, eyewitness reports, make contact with known associates, and forensics.
Armed with new clues and cutting edge technology, this crack team of investigators will uncover what Hitler’s movements could have been after the fall of the Nazi Empire.


6)  Hitlers Safehouse
Based on FBI files on Hitler’s health it is determined that the Fuhrer could not have made the long journey from Spain to South America in one non-stop trip. They decide the Canary Islands as the most logical stopping place. Lenny DePaul and Gerrard Williams uncover a documented Nazi presence on the island of as well as an enormous underground naval and U-boat base connected to the Nazi military, previously unknown to the public. Guided by the FBI files and an OSS most wanted list of Nazis, The team concludes that it was possible for Hitler to seek rest and refuge on the island on his way to where the team has determined a U-boat carrying Hitler could have arrived.


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