Release-Date.: 12/15
Protection…: Steam
Disc.Count…: 1 CD
Game.Type….: Action
Language…..: EN
HotLead is an arcade third-person shooter set in
industrial surroundings. The game takes the players in a
world where mankind has reached the deepest corners of
space and has encountered new alien species. Humans
wanted to defend themselves in the event of a war for
space supremacy and built droid bases on strategic
planets, which were each supposed to protect a certain
area and launch a defensive attack in the event of

But the war never came and the droids were left
abandoned, while their mission still remains the same
to attack anyone that might seem hostile. This leaves
open the possibility of a battle happening by chance any
time, where droids could attack even a peaceful visitor.





437.4 MB
Published on: Dec 02, 2015 @ 21:12