Histoires d’Arbres

Nature Documentary hosted by Christophe d Ivoire and Henri de Gerlache and Yannick Cherel, published by TV5Monde in 2015 – French narration


This series of discovers remarkable trees emblematic of Europe through the singular relationship that men have with them. The series draws a new map, revealing a Europe rooted in its soil, its history, its legends and speaking without knowing a common language: that of these remarkable trees that embody the present, both in its past and future.

1)  The Masters of Water
The roots of the plane tree on the Island of Peilz, Switzerland, plunge into the waters of Lake Geneva.

2)  From Fathers to Sons
In Germany, a majestic, solitary oak stands regally in the middle of a field. In Italy, a venerable cypress, said to have been planted by Saint Francis of Assisi, now grows in the middle of a cloister, the heart of the Franciscan monastery built around it.

3)  The Roots of Childhood
The linden dance tree in Hemmelsberg, Germany, and the so-called Whiteleaved Oak in England, raise extraordinary curiosity and vitality. Both trees, one lost in the countryside and the other in the centre of a village, attract visitors.

4)  Vanquishing Time
A thousand year-old olive tree in Oletta, Corsica, and a spruce named Old Tjikko in Sweden; both appear to defy time itself. The first still produces olives; the second grows wild and has survived the extreme conditions of northern Scandinavia for more than 9,000 years.

5)  Nature’s Deities
The two thousand year-old yews in La Haye-de-Routot, France, just like the clootie or wish tree in Herchies, Belgium, are imbued with a spirituality whose origins have been lost in time. These trees have grown up with the beliefs that have become attached to them.

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