Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients v3.2 Rebellion

(c) Longbow Games

Release 22/08/2016

Protection: Steam
Game Size: 1 DISC
Game Type: Strategy,Simulation,Historical,RTS [RELEASE NOTES]

The Battle for the Ancient World has Begun!

Centuries before Caesar, Alexander or Philip, the forested hills and
rocky coasts of ancient Italy draw cultures from across the
Mediterranean with promises of wealth and prosperity. Bronze-clad
hoplites from the powerful Greek city-states set sail across the
Adriatic to carve out bridgeheads of Hellenic culture amongst the
native Italic hill tribes, while aggressive bands of Gallic Skirmishers
make the trek South across the Alps in search of fertile new land. And
along the marshy banks of the Tiber river, a small upstart city called
Rome battles for independence from the established Etruscan

But only one faction can rise to become the greatest empire the
Mediterranean has ever seen. Will Rome fulfil its destiny to rule the
ancient world or will history be rewritten to forge a new Etruscan
Gallic, or Greek hegemony!

Command Armies:

Direct armies of hoplites and legionaries on the battlefield in paused
or real-time. Plot flanking manoeuvres or snap units into larger
formations using intuitive and precise controls

Manage Resources:

Construct and protect your network of farms and supply lines to feed
your growing empire, while raiding enemy resources to weaken them
before the final assault

Create Worlds:

25+ Factions:

Dynamic Campaign:

30+ New Units:

Seamless Map:

Dozens of New Features:

Grow your cities, unlock new faction skills, trade resources, purchase
slaves, and many more new features make this the most in-depth Hegemony
game ever! [INSTALL NOTES] 1 Unpack 2 Mount / burn image 3 Install 4 Copy content from ‘Crack’ folder and replace game dir files 5 Play game 6 If U like it, buy it!




Hegemony III Clash of the Ancients v3 2 Rebellion-HI2U
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Published on: Aug 30, 2016 @ 22:10

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