Game Type: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation

Base Game:

What is one small step for a human, is one GiAnt adventure  for an Ant.
Join Adam in this fun filled first-person platformer from the indie
solo developer at ‘Wreck Tangle Games’. Roam vast human sized worlds
as a tiny little ant, but this is no Ant Simulator!
This is an AntVenture!


Experience the world of ‘GiAnt’ through different eyes! A First Person
Shooter from a tiny perspective!

Hired by the ants it is down to you to act out vengeance on the
aggressive enemies that were seen in the original game!Though instead of
being a tiny ant with only wit and a matchstick to defend yourself, this
time you play as a toy soldier, who is packed with an arsenal of guns!

This DLC includes…

+ More Weapons! – Blow away a spider with a shotgun, or destroy a moth
with an AK47!

+ Ammo and Health Drops – Never be too far away from Health or Ammo!

+ New Enemies – Some added insects that have new attacks! Some can shoot
you from afar!

+ Level Select – A fiery Level Select Screen

Are you GiAnt enough to help the ants get revenge on these menacing
insects! Go act out your vengeance! It’s time to put the Ant on tops of
the food chain!

Extra note:

Hello! Yes, this is dog… No this is Ant… GiAnt!

If you didnt figure it out, this release includes both the base game
GiAnt and the DLC GiAnt WARFARE.

[ 1 ] Unpack
[ 2 ] Mount / burn image
[ 3 ] Install
[ 4 ] Copy content from ‘Crack’ folder and replace game dir files
[ 5 ] Play game
[ 6 ] If U like it, buy it!



1.18 GB
Published on: Aug 03, 2016 @ 22:32

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