Final Liberation, from SSI, is yet another strategy game which actually seem to be raining from the skies these days. The game is turn-based, which requires far more strategy than its real-time cousins (because you actually have time to think). The maps that your battles are fought upon consist of squares, or rather, diamonds, since you see everything from a three-quarters perspective. There are two different ways you can play the thirty-mission campaign, by moving all your units in one turn, or by moving only one attachment of units and then switching turns. I prefer the “all in one turn” method because you’re done in one shot, instead of constantly going back and forth.
The game is played like most other strategy games. If you win a mission, you see a large map of the world and choose your next goal. You can move all your regiments around on this large map, so you have total control of your army throughout the game. After defeating an area, you are allotted resource points which can be put towards new troops or the replacement of casualties.
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Final Liberation Warhammer Epic 40000 GoG Classic-I KnoW
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Published on: Sep 21, 2016 @ 23:08

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