>> Publisher : Cryo Interactive
>> Developer : Arxel Tribe
>> Release Date : November 30, 2000
>> Genre: Adventure

Description :

Enter Dreamland… a deserted theme park on the threshold between heaven and hell, and home to the souls of seven sinners. Midnight… a strange visitor appears… It is Mephisto, the devil himself – an aristocratic demon, supreme manipulator and tempter, who has come to bargain for the seven souls. Play the role of Marcellus Faust, a wise old man from Mississippi, and the last keeper of the abandoned park. Cross the frontiers of time and discover the dark secrets of the park’s unusual inhabitants, as you discover the seven mysteries which haunt these walls. Flirt with disaster, avoiding tricks, traps and illusions set to plummet you straight to hell. Challenge Mephisto for control of the ultimate prize… your soul.
Windows 95/98
Pentium 200 MHz MMX processor
16-bit color video card
12x CD-ROM

1. Mount/burn disk images.
2. Install.
3. Play.



Faust – The Seven Games Of The Soul
2.89 GB
Published on: Oct 02, 2016 @ 14:28

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