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With each successive version, Disney Infinity looks more unstoppable. Where version 1.0 united the worlds of Disney and Pixar, from Pirates of the Caribbean to The Incredibles, Disney Infinity 2.0 bought in the Marvel universe, with the only console game covering the year’s two hottest cinematic properties, Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy, not to mention The Avengers and Spider-Man.

Now version 3.0 adds the Star Wars galaxy to the platform, with one of the two new basic sets focusing on the prequel trilogy/Clone Wars era, while an add-on playset (which we’ve yet to get our hands on) introduces the original trilogy. Given that the other basic set covers Pixar’s Inside Out, while a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed playset is all but assured, it’s hard to imagine how Disney could make Infinity more irresistible without bringing in Harry Potter or Jurassic World (there must be limits to what even the House of Mouse can afford to buy).

But are the games getting better? Last year’s effort was a case of yes and no. On the one hand the Toybox element – the bit where you can create your own worlds and then set your favourite Disney/Pixar/Marvel characters loose on them – was both more accessible and more fully-featured. On the other, the playset campaigns were a little tiresome and repetitive.

Playing with The Avengers, for instance, you were stuck bashing frost giant after frost giant over a range of levels, getting frustrated by bizarre time limits and wishing you were playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes instead. This wasn’t great.

Improved single-player campaigns
Star Wars content handled well
Enhanced Interiors and new sidekick mechanics
New Hub tasks, missions and community features

Only two figures and one campaign per starter pack
More content makes creative modes harder to find




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Disney Infinity 3.0 XBOX360
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Published on: Dec 03, 2015 @ 22:50