XBL Date:       08/27/08
Release Date:   12/08/09
Platform:       XBOX 360 (XBox Live Arcade)
Region:         North America
Publisher:      The Behemoth
Genre:          Fighting
Size:           8x15mb


This is the full game, for use on hacked XBox 360s (using
your favorite patched dash method, FreeBOOT, XBReboot, etc)

This will NOT work on a standard XBox360 and could get you
flagged for ban if you attempt using it

Installation Notes:

Extract contents, copy top folder to HDD using your favorite
HDD tool to the following location:

Partition 3 / Content / 0000000000000000

Boot to patched dash, goto Game Library, and enjoy!






Castle Crashers XBLA USA XBOX360-Open360
112.7 MB
Published on: Dec 26, 2015 @ 19:25

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