Tribes, Predators and Me

Nature, Travel Documentary hosted by Gordon Buchanan, published by BBC in 2016 – English narration


Tribes, Predators and Me
Gordon Buchanan travels to three remote tribes to learn the wildlife secrets of people who live alongside the iconic and dangerous animals we fear the most.

1)  Anaconda People of the Amazon
Gordon Buchanan joins a Waorani tribal family in Ecuador’s Amazon jungle as they search for giant anacondas. The tribe know this remote rainforest and its spectacular wildlife better than anyone else. They teach Gordon their secrets for surviving here, using blow pipes and sharpened sticks to hunt monkeys and wild pigs. But his greatest challenge is to help them catch and release a massive anaconda, an animal of spiritual importance that could hold the key to their future.

2)  Lion People of the Kalahari
Gordon joins a group of Bushmen in Botswana’s Kalahari Desert to learn how to survive on foot among wild lions. The Ju/’hoansi Bushmen teach Gordon their ancient survival secrets, how to make fire, find honey and gather water from desert plants. He sees them hunt with poisoned arrows and track predatory lions. These big cats are a terrifying presence, but can Gordon be brave enough to help his tribal family approach them on foot to retrieve meat to feed the tribe?

3)  Crocodile People of New Guinea
Crocodiles are an animal we fear, and with good reason – they kill hundreds of people each year. Gordon Buchanan journeys up Papua New Guinea’s remote Sepik River to meet the remarkable tribes who have learnt to live with these terrifying reptiles. Crocodile hunters invite Gordon to join them catching adult crocodiles with their bare hands, and Gordon meets a tribe who believe a giant crocodile protects them from their human enemies. Does Gordon trust the tribe enough to swim in the giant crocodile’s lake?

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