Steve Backshall’s Extreme Mountain Challenge

Travel Documentary hosted by Steve Backshall, published by BBC in 2016 – English narration


Steve Backshall’s Extreme Mountain Challenge
Adventurer and naturalist Steve Backshall embarks on one of the most dramatic and dangerous expeditions ever filmed by a BBC crew. His mission is to explore Venezuela’s Tepuis – ancient, sheer-sided mountains, lost worlds cut off from the jungle below.

1)  Part 1
With an elite team of rock climbers, Steve attempts the first ascent of an unclimbed wall on a remote Tepui to search for wildlife on the summit. But nobody could have predicted what would happen, nor the kinds of decisions they’d be forced to make. A white-knuckle ride from the start, the team encounter river rapids and hazardous wildlife, and survive a close shave with a rickety biplane. Yet nothing can prepare them for their climb to the island in the sky.

2)  Part 2
The second episode picks up where episode one left off with Steve and the climbing team halfway up the unclimbed, sheer-sided face of a remote tepui, about to make one last desperate attempt to reach the summit. It is then on to a new tepui and the second stage of the expedition. Joining up with a team of elite Italian cavers, Steve ventures deep within a tepui – inside a newly-discovered cave. Within this dark underworld, the team encounter strange creatures, ancient mysteries and the raw geological forces that give the tepuis their unique shape. But nothing can prepare them for an attempt to forge a path into unexplored areas of the cave – a dangerous mission of intense claustrophobia and nerve-shredding tension. And then to end the adventure, Steve reunites with the climbing team for a spectacular finale: an epic abseil alongside the Angel Falls – the highest waterfall on earth.

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Published on: Mar 14, 2016 @ 14:00

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