There are places in America shrouded in mystery, secrecy and conspiracy theories; unmarked buildings, heavily guarded compounds and massive bunkers. Some are hidden in plain sight, others are so covert and unusual, that their very existence is denied by powerful organisations, giant corporations and the US government. America’s Dark Secrets Declassified investigates these explosive stories, events and locations using scientific tests, forensic tools and state-of-the-art surveillance technology. Why did 18 key witnesses to John F Kennedy’s assassination meet untimely and violent deaths? For what reason do frequency patrolmen in special trucks bristling with antennas, prowl the streets of Green Bank looking to silence any radio interference? Who are the handful of wealthy Americans building a heavily guarded underground luxury doomsday bunker in a Cold War era missile silo at a secret Kansas location? America’s Dark Secrets Declassified seeks to find answers to these questions and to push the boundaries to get to the facts and, ultimately, to get to the truth. – See more at:

Americas Dark Secrets Declassified S01E06 HDTV x264-NORiTE

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