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I_KnoW 2002


Title: airline tycoon deluxe
Supplier: I_KnoW
Cracker: I_KnoW
Packager: I_KnoW
Genre: game
Language: en de fr
Year: 2015
Image: bin
protection: retail
Disk: 1CD
Rls date: 07/2016
Os: Win XP
www: https://www.gog.com/game/airline_tycoon_deluxe

Funny economy simulation in comic style
Compatible for local networks of up to 4 players
Easily operated construction of own airplanes
Control of all parts of management

have u problem with our rlses – skip it

1 unpack
2 burn or mount
3 install
4 run

Only for scene, not for p2p users
14 years on scene…..celebration
thx: members, friends,groups

Our rls are only for FUN
IF u like it BUY IT
we search affil sites in .eu



Airline Tycoon Deluxe GoG Classic-I KnoW
555.8 MB
Published on: Jul 29, 2016 @ 12:58

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