Staffers ’04 takes a behind the scenes look in the camps of numerous Democratic presidential hopefuls as they try to secure the nomination of their party in the 2004 United States presidential election. The unique perspective of the campaign staffers is taken in this documentary as we see all the tireless work which goes into a presidential campaign to support their respective candidates. From the Iowa caucuses to the nomination of John Kerry. The film follows the campaign workers known as “staffers” from the camps of John Kerry, Howard Dean, Joe Lieberman, Wesley Clark and Dennis Kucinich while on the campaign trail. One of the most candid moments was Howard Dean’s “I have a scream” speech, which is also captured here displaying just how fickle the support of the American Primary voter can be and the drama that can ensue. All of the candid moments, unexpected twists and pivotal turns of fortune that make up a campaign are shown here in this series.

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General Hospital GH – Entire APRIL Episodes – x264 Scene-RLS
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